Explore London from the back of a bike with this insider guide. 8 local cyclists have shared their favourite cycling routes with you by special request. You’ll also find bike hire advice, cycling safety tips and suggested day trips just below our routes. Read on to discover how the local cyclists see the city...

Hiring a Bike

Cycling is a great and healthy way to experience the capital. If you need to hire a bike for your London visit, you have several options available. Read on for more details…

1. Santander Cycles

Santander Cycles are an excellent choice for short journeys in and around central London. If you need a bike for a day or more, though, you may be better going to a dedicated hire shop.

2. Cloud 9 Cycles

Cloud 9 Cycles hires out single-speed (aka fixed-gear) bikes by the day - they are good for cycling on the flat roads of London, but not great off-road.

3. On Your Bike - London Bridge

On Your Bike - London Bridge rents out bikes by the day. Most of their bikes are hybrids, which are good off-road as well as in the city.

4. London Green Cycles

London Green Cycles can provide cargo bikes if you need to move a lot of stuff - or young kids - around.

Expedia London City Cycling Expedia London City Cycling

Safety Tips

Make sure you’re safe on the streets of London. Cyclists in the UK are subject to the national Highway Code and all related road signs. Take a look at our 5 top cycling safety tips to ensure that you’re ready to hit the road, but not literally!

Expedia London City Cycling Expedia London City Cycling
1. Pavements are for pedestrians

One of the most important rules to know is that cycling is not allowed on pavements unless there is a blue signpost showing shared use with pedestrians.

2. The bright choice

Bicycles must have lights when it becomes dark enough for street lights. For added safety, consider high-visibility clothing during the day as well.

3. Helmets - a no-brainer?

Yes, helmets are not compulsory in the UK. And you will see as many people riding around with helmets as without. We just think it’s worth protecting your brain, so please think safety first.

4. Right is wrong

In the UK, you should typically cycle on the left, unless a signposted lane is in place on the other side of the road, or the road is one-way.

5. Red means stop

Cyclists should obey red lights at junctions, as standard. But some junctions in London give a special early green light for cyclists, which signals to move before cars.

Day Trips

Take a look at some of the best London cycle routes available at the moment. If your plans change or you decide you’d rather let someone else lead the way, then take a look at these top bike-based tours.

Expedia London City cycling
1. City Bike Tour

Like a tour bus but healthier, the City Bike Tour takes you to some iconic London landmarks, plus some hidden gems. Pedal your way around the capital using cycle-safe bike lanes and greenways.

Expedia London City cycling
2. Secret London Bike Tour

Get away from the tourist traps with this alternative cycle tour. Your guide will take you to London’s highlights along secret byways and pretty waterside paths.

Expedia London City cycling
3. Grand City Bike Tour

Experience London’s major highlights from a different angle. Venture along cycle routes that take you to iconic locations like the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Saint Paul’s.